5.9 or 6.7 engine longblock rated for 750-1200 HP stage 2


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This engine is designed & proven to handle 1000+ horsepower. Perfect engine for trucks with s400 turbos or compound limited turbos in the 800-1200 hp range we offer this build in a 5.9 or 6.7 configuration 

Block work performed~
bored .20 max , Deckplate honed , surfaced , line honed block, billet large freeze plugs one piece never leaks stage 2 camshaft and lifters . 

Ceramic coated & fly cut Mahle pistons , ceramic coated clevite H bearings rods and mains , cummins oem oil pump and oil cooler , cummins oem engine gasket set. 

Arp studs on the  mains with girdle tied  into studs for extra strength on the bottom end , Arp rod bolts on our 12 valve shot peened & heat treated recon rods rated for 1200HP


We remove all of the valve seats & press in 10 thousands over seats making it virtually impossible to drop a seat due to high heat / high egt applications. We replace the coolant plugs with threaded plugs. Install all new guides , new inconal valves , manton 103 # valve springs, 1/2 in pushrods , 

(does not include injectors , turbo , cp3 , rocker arms , oil pan , rear main seal cover , oil pick up tube, oil cooler , harmonic balancer,)

this engine is a bare block with the crank installed , rods , pistons , cam , lifters , front gear case , oil pump , cp3 gear , front cover with front crank seal installed, head installed and torque with factory head bolts.

this price includes core exchanged. There is no upfront core charge unless there is a hole in the side of the block. Our shipping price includes shipping both ways