Cummins conversion


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we can install a cummins engine in just about everything. here is the details on what it takes to complete and our starting prices depending on horsepower. this is a pretty standard price across the board whether its a 71 chevy or a 2012 ford f350, when we install a cummins motor in anything we go through great lengths to make sure it appears as it came factory. original gauges / a/c / switches all work as they came factory.

depending on which engine you prefer we start out with a complete drop in cummins engine  12valve , 24valve , common rail , 

all rebuilt and assuming customer has no core,

bored/surfaced block , new pistons, rings, bearings , engine gasket set, valve job/ surface head , new alternator, new starter, new injectors , new turbo, new injection pump, valve train, all rated for 600HP

rebuilt transmission automatic or standard either option is included & rated 600hp

rebuilt t-case included

driveshafts re sized balanced and new u joints installed

fass fuel pump 95 gph

complete wiring harness/custom mounts and gauges ecm, brackets, a/c relocation brackets, anything it takes to make that specific vehicle appear as it came factory with a cummins engine.

fabrication for trans mounts, engine mounts, other brackets needed , 

new intercooler, radiator, coolant hoses, a/c condenser 

custom piping kit

throttle pedal , linkage, 

p/s connectors / custom lines, / vacuum pump for power booster if needed

custom exhaust with muffler / no smoke / black smoke will come from exhaust if any it would be very mild