HD 5.9 or 6.7 cummins engine long-block


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-Our best quality stock performance build comes with several upgrades to make this engine last a very long time. built to handle anywhere from stock power though 700HP 
-A top pick for hot shot truck drivers or customers that work their trucks hard everyday. 
- Also a great pick for customers with 2nd gen swap turbo kits s467s and such
 - Bored & Deck-plate honed using top quality Rottler equipment , cbn cutter surfaced , line honed block

-new cam bearings installed 

-New Cummins OEM pistons , Rings & Bearings 

New Cummins oil pump & oil cooler 

Mahle gaskets 

high quality cylinder head 

oversized intake & Exhaust seats , new 103# springs , new stainless valves, all guides replaced ,tap & plug freeze plugs  

-New stage 1 camshaft & lifters

 best for towing & performance

Mag , straiten , polish , balance  standard size crankshaft

recon rods

Arp head studs 

3 yr 300k mile warranty !!!

does not include fuel system components , turbo , wiring harness , accessories, sensors , fittings , engine longblock only , price listed is with a core exchanged at time of delivery. If a core is not available to return an additional core charge must be paid