Fox ATS Damper


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Fox 2.0 ATS(Adjustable-through-shaft) steering damper, specific for the 2008-2013 Ram 2500 and Power Wagon, and 2008-2012 Ram 3500 trucks!

  • Does not fit the solid front axle 2 wheel drive trucks.
  • This is the adjustable version.
  • Through-shaft technology prevents any internal pressure from inducing steering push/pull.
  • ATS uses metal bearing ends to be more effective, and is externally adjustable.
  • ATS is great for larger tires, as in the firmer settings are much more effective at controling wobble.
  • Comes with bracket shown, needed for installation.
  • This does fit the 2003-2007 trucks, so long as you have the 2008-2013 OEM upgraded Mopar steering installed.
  • The provided clamp has an approximate 1.57" bore, designed to fit the OEM Mopar size steering tie rod. If you have aftermarket steering, you may need to fabricate some type of a shim if your tie rod diameter is different/smaller.