1500+ HP short block


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our 5.9 or 6.7 super bee cummins motors come ready to handle anything you can put at it!

you choose the piston you prefer 5.9 / 6.7 depending on injectors you have or plan to buy

we start this build out using a 6.7 cummins block 

we sleeve each cylinder with high strength performance 1/8 in thick sleeves

line hone block with main girdle installed and torqued

deck plate honed block, surfaced block with a cbn cutter

fire ring block if requested

Hamilton camshaft, manton tool steel lifters, new cummins oil pump, 

mahle flycut / ceramic coated / monothem steel pistons,

carillo rods with arp rod bolts,

industrial injection main girldle with 14mm arp main studs

5.9 or 6.7 crankshaft depending on build, 

Crankshaft is balanced, gear has larger pin installed, std size

Clevite HX coated main & rod bearings .001 extra clearance, 

14mm main studs, 14mm head stud holes (head studs not included) main studs are included

 billet one piece freeze plug , 

cam bearings installed through all cam journals

new cummins oil cooler, oil return spring shimmed for better oil pressure

fleece coolant bypass kit 

includes lower gasket set